Free Installation Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility:
    • The free installation offer is available to residential and commercial customers within our service areas.
    • Customers must sign a solar power system purchase agreement with Ultimate Energy Australia.
  2. Offer Period:
    • This offer is valid for a limited time only. The end date of the promotion will be communicated at the time of inquiry.
    • Ultimate Energy Australia reserves the right to extend, modify, or terminate the offer at any time without prior notice.
  3. System Requirements:
    • The offer applies to specific solar power systems as designated by Ultimate Energy Australia.
    • The system must meet the minimum size requirement as specified in the purchase agreement.
  4. Site Inspection:
    • A comprehensive site inspection is required to ensure the property is suitable for solar installation.
    • If any additional work or modifications are needed to make the site suitable, these costs will not be covered by the free installation offer.
  5. Installation:
    • Free installation covers standard installation procedures. Any non-standard installations or additional work will incur extra charges.
    • Installation will be scheduled based on the availability of the Ultimate Energy Australia installation team and the customer’s preferred dates.
  6. Permits and Approvals:
    • Ultimate Energy Australia will obtain all necessary permits and approvals required for the installation.
    • Any costs associated with obtaining permits are included in the free installation offer.
  7. Warranty:
    • The solar power system comes with a 30-year performance warranty on panels and a 10-year warranty on inverters.
    • The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service.
  8. Exclusions:
    • The free installation offer does not cover any costs associated with upgrading existing electrical infrastructure.
    • Any additional equipment or accessories not included in the standard solar power system package will incur extra charges.
  9. Payment Terms:
    • Customers must adhere to the payment terms outlined in the purchase agreement.
    • Failure to meet the payment terms may result in the forfeiture of the free installation offer.
  10. Cancellation:
    • Customers may cancel the agreement within the cooling-off period as stipulated by local regulations.
    • After the cooling-off period, cancellation fees may apply as detailed in the purchase agreement.

By participating in this offer, customers agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. For any questions or further information, please contact Ultimate Energy Australia.

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