Residential High Performance Systems

Our High Performance range of Solar Systems represents the most desirable best even as nonetheless imparting smart pricing that permits for a speedy return on investment.

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Suntech SAJ GoodWe Solis Solax

*Price represents the approximate cost of the product fully installed and net of STC’s (rebate). Price is based on a single storey tile roof, single phase, Sydney, Wollongong, New Castle and Surrounding areas installation. A surcharge will apply for double storey roof and 3 phase installations. Tilt frames (flat roof) if required are extra.

Ultimate Energy offers homeowners a residential solar energy system to start cutting back on electricity bills, avoid the troublesome rise of electricity rates in the future, save more money, and reduce their carbon emissions.

Our ‘High-Performance range’ of solar systems are designed to represent the best value solar energy system packages. These systems are configured with Suntech PV 440 watts N Type monocrystallin Panels with 22.5% efficieny and SAJ inverters with an upgrade option to Solax, Solis or GoodWe inverters single phase or 3 phase. Suntech Solar panels use half-cut cell technology to achieve increased efficiencies.

Suntech is rated Tier company in bloomberg listing.

With research and development initiatives being conducted at UNSW, ANU, and Monash University, Suntech has established a strong connection with the Australian market. These relationships were made possible by the fact that Dr. Shi, the company’s founder and previous CEO, graduated from UNSW with a doctorate in solar power technology before starting Suntech.

The independent power firm and renewable energy investment Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited purchased Suntech in 2014. Since the EuPD Research Institute named Suntech a Top PV Brand, the company has gained awareness on a global scale. Given that EuPD is regarded as the top research institute in the solar industry, this is a prestigious accolade. Suntech has also been recognised for their environmental protection efforts by various UN agencies.

GoodWe EGing
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