How to choose a solar installer?

If you are considering installing solar panels, you can take the following steps to help you complete the installation in the correct way and find the right solar installer for you.

how to choose a solar installer

1. Compile a list of solar installers available near you

Before installing a solar power system, one of the most important things to check is to determine if the home is suitable for installing solar panels. Factors like location, size of the house and roof, and whether there are trees or buildings blocking sunlight from reaching the house, etc., can all have an impact. If this is the case for the home, households can still support renewable energy by choosing a plan or a retailer that uses renewable resources to generate electricity.

2. What to look for in a solar installer?

Any installer you consider when conducting a solar company review should meet some basic characteristics:

  • Experience: The installer should have experience installing solar systems. Make sure that any solar company you choose has a roof permit. Simply walking on the roof can cause damage, so you need an expert. Our installers are very well experienced in all aspects of roof and solar installation.
  • Track record: Solar is a growing industry that attracts professionals from many different backgrounds. Contractors that once focused on other types of projects are expanding their practices to the field of solar installation. When conducting a solar check, make sure the installer has an established solar tracking log. The solar energy provider should be able to discuss and show you the systems installed for previous customers.
  • Market Reputation: Solar company reviews from past customers are great for evaluating installers, but can be misleading. Customers who provide ratings and reviews are unlikely to be your relevant department. However, ratings and reviews can control bad behaviour. After guaranteeing the above standards, the question is how to choose a solar installer when there are multiple good choices.
  • Process Warranty: Process Warranty is specific to solar system design and construction work, usually 1 to 10 years. Although you can sometimes purchase a separate contract for the operation and maintenance of the solar panel system, in most cases, it is best to have a qualified installer with a reliable process guarantee to pay for the installation.

If you purchase a system from Ultimate Energy Australia and it fails whilst under warranty and can be repaired, we will always repair it for free. You will always have the confidence to get the best warranty service in the industry whilst dealing with long-term experts in the solar industry. All our installers are Clean Energy Council Accredited.

3. Request a quote and what details to consider?

In any quote for a new solar power system, many details need to be reviewed.

Check if the performance specifications of the panel meet your requirements (for more information, see the panel power section). Other factors to consider include: build quality, frame type and colour, panel size and weight.  Some panels may be better suited to the shape of the roof than others, especially when used in small buildings like sheds.

Different types of solar panels look different. Film panels have a smooth and simple appearance, while crystalline panels have distinct cells, sometimes very obvious (for example, they can have dark cells on a white background), while others are designed to make the appearance of the cells less obtrusive.

If you are worried about the appearance, be sure to check a good photo of the panel before buying. Ask the installer if they have complete installation photos of these panels.

Most companies will schedule an appointment to view your property so that they can accurately calculate the price. During this period, ask any unanswered questions, including the following:

  • Do you handle the permits required by my city and state.
  • Based on my monthly consumption how many panels do I need?
  • Does it offer a warranty, and if so, what does it include?
  • What is the process if I want to take the next step in your company?

After the installation is completed, the energy retailer will provide you with feed-in tariff rates and allow your system to generate solar energy benefits.

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