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We offer a 0% Upfront Solar Panel & Battery Plan

Ready to make the switch to solar power with flexible payment terms?


Solar Panel Flexible Payment Options

Our adaptable payment choices guarantee that clients can discover a plan that fits their budget, making the shift to green energy both economical and easy.

Easy Payment Options

Customers can choose to pay the full amount upfront with cash, or credit card. This option might offer some savings as it could eliminate any interest or fees associated with installment plans.

Flexible Installments

Ultimate Energy Australia offers flexible installment plans that allow you to spread the cost of your solar system over an agreed period. This helps reduce the financial burden of a large upfront payment.

Low Interest Rates

The specific terms, including interest rates and the length of the payment period, can vary. It’s best to discuss these details directly with a sales representative to understand the exact terms that apply to your plan..

Our Services

1. Consultation

Once you have decided to take advantage of the solar panel system with free, clean, and renewable energy from the sun, you can connect with our technical experts so you can be guided through our products and pinpoint the right solution for your property.

2. Site Audit

To ensure the optimal design and installation of your solar power system, we schedule a comprehensive site inspection for the type of building that you have. Audits are conducted to make sure site meets all the installation requirements.

3. Design

After the site audit now that we know the condition of the installation site, our qualified designers will develop a system customized to suit the requirements of your household or business while complying with state regulations for solar installations.

4. Installation

Once you have chosen your setup and accepted a quote, we will provide you with a sales agreement. We will also secure all the permits for the installation. Our team of experienced solar panels installer will then come to the site to set up the module and connect it to the grid.

5. Operations

The PV cells start collecting sun energy right after installation. The inverter converts the direct energy into alternating current and you can now start enjoying free electricity! Solar panels can earn a feed-in tariff from your retailer for the electricity your system export to the grid

6. Support

Our packages come with a 25 years performance & manufacturing warranty on panels and 10 years on inverter. All our products are sourced from official Australian distribution channels with local warranties. You can call our customer service for any of your concerns.

Why Choose Us

Trusted Excellence

what sets us apart from competitors

We take great pride in providing high-quality products/services. All our products are cec approved and with an unparalleled support. With our extensive experience in the field, we’ve established a reputation for outstanding work and have earned the status of the preferred option for customers in search of excellence. We respect your time and assure quick delivery of our products/services, allowing you to remain on schedule and achieve your deadlines.

Unrivaled Expertise

fully customised for all budgets

Each solar panel system is tailored to precisely meet your present and upcoming energy needs. We provide one of the most cost-effective solar energy options available. Our economical solar setup includes top-notch quality and support, ensuring it meets your expectations.

Fast Installation

fast installation at no extra cost

Our proficient and skilled team is dedicated to achieving the highest standards and dependability, making certain that you get the best service possible. A notable aspect of Ultimate Energy Australia is our capacity to offer the quickest solar panel installation periods without any extra charges, enabling clients to begin utilizing green energy right away and enjoy lower energy expenses.

Latest Technology

we offer australian warranties on our products

We employ the newest technology to guarantee that our solar panel systems are tailored for present-day applications and prepared to adapt to upcoming progress in solar power. We provide warranties on our products and services in Australia, highlighting our dedication to excellence and dependability. We never overlook any aspect, making certain that customers have a specific contact person for assistance.

Obligation Free Consultation

Book Your 30 Minute Free Consultation Session

Discover the power of solar energy for your residence or enterprise with a complimentary, 30-minute planning meeting with one of our solar professionals. At Ultimate Energy Australia, we recognize that each customer has distinct energy requirements, which is why we provide a customized consultation to examine the specific advantages solar can bring to you.

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