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Power up the community with Virtual Power Plant

Thousands of home solar and battery setups are being grouped together into virtual power plants to help stabilize the electrical grid.

It’s clear that a single rooftop solar panel and a home battery can’t do the job of a power station, but what about a thousand home batteries, or ten thousand… or a million? Maybe a virtual power plant could be the solution?

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What’s a Virtual Power Plant?

A Virtual Power Plant, or VPP for short, is a network of connected solar batteries. These batteries can be coordinated to work together, just like a power plant.

When combined, the energy drawn from each battery can provide a large bank of controllable solar energy. This energy can help stabilise the electricity grid and reduce reliance on coal power.

How VPP Works?

A Virtual Power Plant, or VPP, is essentially a network of interconnected solar batteries. These batteries can be synchronized to function as a single power plant. When these batteries are combined, the energy they produce can form a large reserve of controllable solar energy. This reserve can assist in stabilizing the electrical grid and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

How to join VVP network?

You can sign up for VPP, with your electricity retailer, they will assist you in switching if you’re not currently with them. The connection is wireless, meaning there’s no need for physical installation. Your electricity retailer remotely manage your solar battery to ensure it operates at its best, helping to alleviate strain on the electrical grid. You can feel secure knowing you’ll always have sufficient energy for your household, and you’ll be contributing to the energy needs of your community.

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