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10kW Solar System is the best option to save money and lower your electricity bill

Ultimate energy’s 10kW Solar System is right for you if you own a Large Household or Hold a Small Business in Sydney.  Our 10kW Solar System price is the best in Australia and includes Teir1 Panels and Batteries. Our Solar power System can Helps You Reduce Your Electricity Bill Up-to $0 and our 10kW solar system generates an average of 38kWh-40kWh.

solax 10.3kW Solar Panel System

Ultimate Energy's most efficient 10kW Solar System Australia

If you own a large residential or a small commercial place in Sydney and have to pay high electricity bills every month, this is the right time to invest in a 10kW solar power system. Fortunately, with the growing awareness and usage of solar energy, 10kW solar system price is decreasing rapidly, making it affordable for a large percentage of residents in Sydney.

How much does a 10kW Solar System cost in Sydney?

The average cost of a good quality 10-kilowatt system in Sydney and you expect to pay between $9000 to $15,000. However, the 10kilowatt Solar System price varies according to the package you choose for your residential and commercial place.
The good news is, that Australia’s Solar Credit program makes solar panels eligible for renewable energy certificates (RECs). These certificates are further classified into two categories Large and small. If you buy a 10kW solar system, you can claim Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) which enable you to receive a solar rebate or solar feed-in tariffs. The amount of rebate varies according to your location and the size of your solar power systems. If you live in Sydney and buy Ultimate Energy’s 10kW solar panel system which costs about $12,760, the maximum rebate you can receive is about $5500.  To find out the best prices please call on 1300 414 264 or submit an online inquiry, we guarantee to beat any quoted price.

How much does a 10kW Solar System produce per day?

A 10kW Solar System typically includes 30 to 38 solar panels and an 8kW Inverter. Typically, the size of each solar panel is 1.6m x 1m. So, on average, you will require a roof space of about 50 to 70m2. The 10kw solar power system generate approximately 35kWh to 38kWh of output on a daily basis, depending upon the location and wattage of the solar panels.

How to know if I need to invest in a 10 kilowatts Solar System?

As mentioned above, a 10kW solar power system is most suitable for large residential or small commercial spaces. However, the decision totally depends upon your average daily consumption of electricity. You can find this information on your monthly or quarterly electricity bill. If your average daily consumption is somewhere between 35kWh to 38kWh, an 10kW solar system is the best option for you. Once you have decided to buy a 10 kW solar power system, it is advisable that you start monitoring your daily energy usage routine. After installing a solar system, make sure all those household appliances that draw the most electricity, such as a dishwasher, a washing machine, a dryer, a microwave, and so forth, are used during the daytime when the sun is out.

Below are the indicative figures for kilowatt-hours of energy a north-facing 10kW solar system will generate per day (on an average throughout the year) in Australian capital cities.

City Daily Output kWh
36 – 41 kWh
39 – 41 kWh
36 – 41 kWh
42 – 46 kWh
29 – 33 kWh
31 – 36 kWh
40 – 44 kWh
34 – 38 kWh

Payback period of a 10kW Solar System in Australia?

The average payback period of a good quality 10kW Solar Panel system in Sydney is 3 to 5 years. However, the results depend upon your location and energy consumption habits. If you consume more than 30kWh of electricity each day, you can expect your 10 kilowatt system to pay you back within five years. Moreover, each kW of solar allows you to save around $400 to $600 per year in your energy bill. So, if you buy a 10kW solar system, your power bill will reduce by $4000 to $6000 per year.

10 kW Solar Power System with Battery Storage?

To make optimum use of the power generated by a 10kW solar panel system, you can also add a battery to your system. The battery will save the excess, unused power in the daytime to be used at night. If you choose to get a battery, the average cost of the package will fall between $20,000 to $26,000. However, adding a battery is only beneficial if your average daily usage of power is 30kWh or more.

Our customized 10kW performance & premium packages

So now that you have gathered all the necessary information about a 10kW solar power system, it’s time to buy one. Keeping in view your differing energy needs, Ultimate Energy Australia offers a variety of solar panels and inverters to choose from.Our 10kW Performance and Premium Solar System packages are designed to provide a high-quality power solution for large homes and small businesses. These solar systems are capable of generating an estimated daily output of 38kWh, providing up to 20.2% efficiency depending on a variety of factors, such as your location in Sydney and the weather there.For more details, contact our super-friendly support team. They will help you choose the best suitable 10 kilowatts solar system package tailored according to your needs.

*Price represents the approximate cost of the product fully installed and net of STC’s (rebate). Price is based on a single story tile roof installation. A surcharge will apply to the tin roof and double-story roof installations. Tilt frames (flat roof) if required are extra.

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