Is solar energy worth it in Australia?

A solar photovoltaic system installation receives numerous benefits like lower electricity bills and lower carbon footprints.  Solar panels are the best option for households and businesses as they receive ample energy from sunlight throughout the year.  Still, people like to know if solar energy is worth it in Australia?

How does solar power work?

A solar panel (or photovoltaic panel) is a panel made of solar cells. Solar cells are the essential component by which light is converted into electrical energy, and they are usually made of crystalline silicon. Each solar panel usually contains 32 up to 96 solar cells. Solar solutions convert sunlight to electrical energy at an average efficiency of 3-17%. Sunlight converts into electricity whilst solar electric power plants don’t produce any emissions or adverse effects on the natural environment

Residential solar energy is becoming more affordable

Solar energy is becoming more affordable energy because the sun is an incredible renewable resource.  Solar panels convert sun energy into electricity through solar photovoltaic, a small solar electric system that can be reliable and pollution-free.  Sun shines all over the world, and solar panels make solar electricity viable anywhere. Solar panels are highly reliable with long service life,  installed solar panels life span will be between 25-30years, so they require very little in the way of regular upkeep.

Solar panels generate free electricity for households but still have costs associated with installing them. The prices vary based on solar panels’ efficiency, capacity, and location. Find Best Prices of Solar Systems

The prices of solar panels have steadily been coming down over the years.  The total cost will depend on kilowatts of power according to your household requirement.  Want to know about the exact credit exemption details for Sydney? check Solar Panel Rebates NSW.

Estimated bill savings for homes with Solar Power

To eliminate your electricity bill, you must generate 100% of the electricity your home needs, which is possible through installing solar panels. Solar energy is an important and renewable source for Australia, and its installation is becoming an important need for Australians.

At night outdoor solar lights use solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity. A 6kW installation consisting of 20 solar panels can produce approximately 9700 kWh every year. That means that a 6kW system could offset 60-80% of your electricity bill. Available Lowest Prices of 6.66kW System in Sydney.

Key points to consider before installing solar power

  • Avoid using cheap equipment that cannot generate energy properly.
  • Proper installation by an accredited company is key. 
  • Make sure quality solar panels are used including related equipment.
  • A cheap installation or ineffective panels may cause failure or fires, and cannot achieve the desired results.
  • The installer is responsible for installing the equipment correctly and making sure the best position to capturing sunlight for solar energy production.

Primary equipment required for installation

  • An inverter (used to convert the direct current produced by the panel into the alternating current used by household appliances)
  • Net metering equipment ( measurement of power-producing)
  • Housing components (cables and wiring gear)
  • Battery storage (optional because it has been prohibitively expensive and unnecessary)

Every hour the earth is hit with more energy from the sun than the entire world consumes in a year.  Solar power systems for household are increasing in popularity and many homeowners are discovering the advantages of solar power, and you may have even seen quite a few systems being installed in your neighborhood.  If you’re solar curious and want to learn more, check our other blogs.  

Some benefits of a solar powered household

  • A beneficial effect of solar power installation is a lower electricity bill, which depends on solar energy.
  • Homeowners can sell solar-generated electricity back to their provider, this is called the “net metering” plan.
  • In general, it is better to assume that solar panels would be more valuable to a house.


We have clearly defined all the related information about a solar powered home or solar panels system that is a great way to save money and generate cost free energy.   Solar panels work effectively when using the correct products and with proper installation.

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